Every blockchain needs its own

Munchkin is here to fullfill its destiny and reach not the Moon or Mars,

but the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy in the Elrond network.

Short legs of our cute kittie should not stop it from reaching far away galaxies.


Elrond - The Internet Scale Blockchain - is a new blockchain built from gound-up. It offers high speed, low cost transactions and true decentralisation. Every other blockchain has its own $SAFEMOON or $SHIB tokens, but they come with downsides like luck of decentralization or high transaction fees. $Munchkin is here to eliminate these obstacles and to create honest simple token that adopts everything, what is best about other community tokens and use safe, robust, fast and low-fee Elrond network.

The Munchkin is breed of cat, sometimes called even Sausage cat, characterized by its very short legs. This very cure and adorable breed of cat serves as an easy to remember name for the token. Don't wory, we don't have 🐈 gang of cats 🐈 minting in the basemant new coins.

$Munchkin is safe public deflationary token everybody can buy via Initial Coin Offering ICO and later on Munchkin Exchange.

Token ID: MUNCHKIN-3865e6

Buy soon on Munchkin Exchange

$MUNCHKIN distribution

The total supply of $Munchkin token is 1,000,000,000,000.00

  • 1% of the total supply is kept as a reserve to cover hosting, marketing and further development.
  • 1% of the total supply is allocated for airdrops and giveaways (from which half is already claimed).
  • 6% of the total supply is provided as liquidity on Munchkin Exchange along with reserve in case of a drop below the threshold.
  • 5% of the total supply is dedicated to NFT farms.
  • 28% of the total supply was available for public ICO.
  • 59% of the total supply is permanently burned!
Buy soon on Munchkin Exchange


Apr 29, 2021
08:56:30 AM

In the first half of 2021, our Munchkin token has risen. Thanks to transaction 341c34...3525a6 we can be part of $MUNCHKIN universum.

Nov, 2021
Public ICO

Initial Coin Offering. Public sale for discounted price. The presale has ended.

Q2, 2022
Q2 Munchkin Exchange

Due to blockade from Elrond team and centralised control of Maiar Exchange, our team is going to create custom Munchkin Exchange with special perks and features. Stay tuned for more details soon.

Q2-Q3, 2022

New farms will be created for $MUNCHKIN holders and liquidity providers to mine new valuable NFT and tokens and receive trading fees.